Without the volunteers, sponsors and donations we not be able to help more people as we would like to. Consider a Partnership or Sponsoring a home repair project for a family without the basic housing needs. Please consider sending a donation today, it is tax-deductible, as we are a non-profit housing ministry for Henry County, Georgia. Help us make a difference for families in need in Henry County and surrounding areas. Thank You!


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The Fuller Center for Housing is currently exploring the possibility of helping covenant partners fulfill their housing needs by obtaining and revitalizing the surplus of foreclosures. The program is still under review so as to ensure that it remains in line with our policies of using and receiving government funds.

Henry County Fuller Center Board of Directors
Wayne Smith, Vice-President
Vanessa Jackson, Secretary
Don Dunlap, Treasurer
Brian Douglas
Janet Turner

The Henry County Fuller Center for Housing, Inc. received it's 501 c (3) status letter on November 1, 2010. It's Founding Board includes, Shane Persaud, Beau Kelley, Don Dunlap, Bonnie Bergman, Chris Lockhart, Denese Rodgers, Mark Galey, Kirsten Fellows, Billy Dixon, Harlon Matthews, Jeff Bergman.


Family Selection/Partnering
As its name implies the Family Selection Committee is charged with identifying partner families who will become the beneficiaries of the covenant partner’s work. The tasks involved in doing this include developing the selection criteria, identifying the population in need, promoting the program among that population, creating the application process, and processing applicants. Ultimately, the Selection Committee will recommend potential partner families for approval by the Board of Directors.

Faith Builders Committee
Every house that a Covenant Partner builds is a sermon of God’s love and an example of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is natural, then, that Fuller Center Partners reach out to the churches and other faith communities in their service areas to create partnerships that serve to bless both parties. It is the task of the Faith Builders Committee to cultivate relationships with local faith communities and engage them in the work of the Covenant Partner.

Site Selection/Construction Committee
The Construction Committee is responsible for delivering the principal product of this ministry, the house. Because of the rich partnership opportunities that come from building, it should also include members with excellent people skills. Finance/Fundraising It is the responsibility of the Finance Committee to ensure that the Covenant Partner employs solid business principles and practices. This assures ongoing financial security and maximizes the number of families that can be housed.

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